Chubby Boys Need Love Too

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While we’re on the topic of Twink Cams, let me just say, there’s something to be said about cute barely legal boys of all shapes and sizes. I love me a skinny waify type guy as much as the next guy, but I’ve been going for more curvy types lately and I have to say I am a fan.

When you check out gay chub cams, you’ll see what I mean. One thing that I love about these roly poly little hotties is how they all seem to have such a baby face that makes them look so cute and innocent. For me personally, it’s not the morbidly obese dude that some fetishize, but the guys with a little more meat on their bones that does it for me. They look like they would be so soft and sexy to cuddle with but can still see their dicks if you know the type I mean.

That’s the beauty of live cams these days. There are always so many guys online at any given moment that you can find your type no matter how particular you are.