Vacation Of a Lifetime

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A few years ago I went on vacation to France. I had never been before, but had always dreamed of going and exploring their culture. One night shortly after arriving I was in a local bar when a man sat beside me and introduced himself. I told him I was a tourist and he offered to show me around.

We had quite a few drinks and I was quite certain he was openly hitting on me. I had never been with a man before but being so far removed from home I thought I’d give it a shot. He leaned over and put his hand right on my dick. Right there at the bar. I tried to move his hand but he told me to just look around. That’s when I noticed it was all men in the bar and they were all in various stages of sex.

It was the most erotic thing I had ever seen. Get a 67% discount to French Twinks and see the best in gay porn.

Even Straight Guys Love a Good Blowjob

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I don’t know why watching straight guys get some action from another man is so exciting. Maybe it’s because it’s so forbidden. I mean, how often are you going to get the opportunity to fuck a straight guy? Or maybe it’s the conquest. Even if I’m not the one turning them, I am fully supportive of all men who are willing to pull other sexy fellas onto our team! Whatever the psychology behind it, seeing the dudes fucked when you take advantage of this Str8 to Gay discount good for 73% off is quite the sexy treat!

This is part of the network, so you get tons of hot exclusive porn included with this. The men are gorgeous, and they even have some hot models who work for them exclusively, and believe me, you don’t want to miss these dudes. With thousands of videos and new updates constantly, the action just keeps rolling in to give you a sexy new experience every time you log in. In fact, it is the most updated gay site in the world!


Sexy Gay Studs Live For Sucking & Fucking

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I still can’t get over the insane amount of gay porn videos I can watch in a day now that I’ve used this discount. Knowing I’m not paying some ridiculous prices for these sites makes it that much easier to log in as much as I want.

There is such a huge variety of sites to pick from. It gives me all the motivation I need to stroke myself to the point of no return. Sometimes, I just need to see a couple of little twinks gently massaging each other & sometimes I have to have full on hardcore bears savagely ripping into each other. This discount link makes it possible to get so many different sites & never have to sit staring at my bank statement like a broke idiot.

I know budgeting porn isn’t the sexiest thought. So if you’re anything like me, you’ll seriously appreciate the tiny prices you’ll pay for all these horny guys. Sucking & fucking is their passion, while my passion is saving money while I beat my meat to their sensual & steamy sex.

Get these gay porn discounts for up to 85% off!

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My Twink Boys is always doing it’s hardest to bring you guys hot deals on the best gay porn. I think that so far we’ve done just that and you can’t say that we haven’t given you many hard bodied studs to drool over. This time around I really wanted to go all out and make this the spiciest action that you’ve ever seen. 

I wouldn’t go in thinking that you can take on these studs, at least not until you’ve got that cock of yours ready to go all the way. Getting it to stand to attention is going to be nice and easy, once it sees that you can get gay porn discounts for up to 85% off the regular price of course it is going to be ready to blow.

I could show you all these sweet offers but I think it’s best if you just take a look for yourself. You know what ass fucking fun you like to see and I’ll be that you’re going to give it all up and play hardball with these men and their willing asses!

Gay Porn Discounts: Grab ‘Em While They’re Hot!

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If you haven’t heard of Helix Studios, now’s the perfect time to acquaint yourself. It’s won multiple Gay AVN awards for 2018, so all the hard work these boys have put in has paid off this year. You won’t be disappointed with this site if you’re looking for some twinks, either. Plenty of sexy young guys with smooth bodies and big dicks to enjoy here. It’s just one of many awesome gay porn deals you’ll find on this GayPornDiscount.Net.

Bookmark the page to keep coming back to it. Another site that might better serve the twink porn niche is Bel Ami Online. They’ve got some very good-looking, smaller-framed boys on their pages and tons of hot videos.

Otherwise, everything else on the page probably features more athletic or rugged guys, or rougher sex. Still, you might find yourself in the mood for that at some point if you want to change things up. You can’t beat the deals and probably won’t find better prices anywhere else. Check things out, bookmark the page and grab the deal for you today!

Easy way to save 70% with a Cocky Boys discount

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While I’ve been known to get a little cocky from time to time, there is no way in hell that I’d come close to what the guys from get up to. This great looking and varied action is made even more hot by the mixture of smooth looking studs that get carried away in the moment.

Right now they have 1,000+ full HD scenes and 1,300+ photo galleries. Like I said they really want to cater for everyone. You’ll see dicks of all shapes and sizes fucking the hottest looking asses on camera, nothing is out of the question and you can tell that these boys are loving it.

Feed your sole to 240+ boys that are open for anything that you can offer them. You can try all that you want with them, given enough time there’s no reason why you couldn’t bang all of them deep and hard. There is nothing else to consider, you have to dive in the deep end right now and save 70% here with a Cocky Boys discount pass!

Your cock needs this lifetime French Twinks discount

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My Twink Boys makes it nice and easy for you guys to enjoy yourself with hot guys on camera. These young and full of life men want nothing more than to pleasure you with everything that they have to offer. I’m really happy to see that you can easily find French Twinks that are hot and read to go.

Lets be honest, listening to a smooth-bodied french boy talking in that sweet accent is enough to rock my world. They know what you want to do and trust me when they get the cock going there’s almost no stopping them. The video section on the site has a count of around 183 videos and these are also exclusive. Best of all using this discount for up to 67% off can get you and instant savings on a full pass.

Think about that for just a second guys, not only do you get a saving on the gay membership, you also unlock all those smooth bodied twinks that want to do their best to service you all day long. I’m not usually a guy that gets what he wants but there’s no way I am missing out on this!

Twinks in Bareback, Cum-Splashing Porno Fun!

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Here it is boys and guys, the only site you’ll ever need for some hot and heavy, twinky hardcore fun. Grab your BoyCrush discount for 41% off and save yourself $10 off your 30-day pass. You’ll score access to more than 1,100 hardcore twink porn videos from a site that’s showing its staying power over the last 10 years. What’s even better? You’ll get a hot bonus site with this deal: Bare Twinks. Lots of bareback, cum-splashing fun to be had between these two sites.

And, if those simply aren’t enough for you, you horny pervert, here’s where you can grab even more gay porn deals. You’ll find some big names here like and, plus tons of other extremely hot and hardcore gay porn. Gay Hoopla is one of my personal favorites, but not quite as twinky as you might like. Twink BF Videos is one you might one to check out. Some are going for as much as 50% off full price, offering a lifetime deal meaning the price will never go up on you, and still, others come packaged as part of a network with tons of hot gay bonus sites. Check things out and grab the deal for you today!

$14.99 gay porn deal for

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While I’ve always dream of having a one stop place for all my gay porn I never thought it would actually be a thing. You can call me a fussy guy if you like but I tend to switch my desire for gay sex, so even if I like twinks today that doesn’t always mean that I’ll want them tomorrow. I just like it mix it up if you like and knowing that I can do just that makes my cock very happy indeed.


With a 51% off instant discount to I needn’t worry about anything other than making sure my cock can handle the action. They’ve got smoking hot twinks on offer, all American studs, jocks, as I mentioned already almost all of the good things that make gay sex so fucking sweet.


Like having more content than your cock can handle? How about over 15,000 quality movies? did that make you stand to attention! All this and more is waiting for you right now, can you make a man of yourself and bang these horny guys deep in the ass, sure you can!

Up to 59% off on a Bareback Twinkz deal

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The moment that you’ve all been waiting eagerly for has finally arrived. You guys have been as keen as pigs in mud to get up to 59% off Bareback Twinkz with this deal. Don’t let me stop you from getting it right now but you might want to have some fun with those tight bodied twinks first.

I think we all know what a real pleasure it is to mess around with a willing twink. The way that they make you feel as they bend over before your very eyes is enough to make me jizz in my pants. All the action is 100% exclusive and best of all it is also bareback at it’s best.

Not that you need more motivation to join but I should mention that when you do you’ll also have access to the CJXXX mega network. All up guys that’s at least 34 wicked sites that you can enjoy and with a gay porn discount it makes that sweet moment even sweeter. Don’t take my word for it though, just get your smooth ass over there now and see what these twinks have in store for you!